Institute of Computer Science Iasi is the first institute created by the Section of Computer Science and Information Technology of Romanian Academy.
The Institute was a subsidiary of Bucharest's Research Institute for Computers and Informatics until June 1990. There after the institute was formally established and included into the Iasi Subsidiary of Romanian Academy. The main research interests have been structured as follows:

1. Development methods and algorithms for image processing, with application in medicine, metallographic images, optical character recognition and satellite images analysis.
2. Development methods of 3D reconstruction from 2D images.
3. Signal processing with fuzzy systems and neural networks, with application in medicine, speech analysis.
4. Soft computing techniques in Romanian language speech synthesis.
5. Development methods and algorithms for fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy control. Design and stability analysis.
6. Automated analysis and generation of natural language. Linguistic knowledge bases and automated. SGML lexicons for Romanian.
7. Distributed Systems and Concurrency. Theory of Programming .
8. Biophysical models for neocortical single neurons and neuronal structures.

Institutul de Informatică Teoretică - prezentare generală
2017©Institutul de Informatică Teoretică al Academiei Române – Filiala Iaşi
Programe complexe pentru procesarea imaginilor, cu aplicatii medicale
2017©Institutul de Informatică Teoretică al Academiei Române – Filiala Iaşi
Compartimentul procesare imagini digitale si secvente video
2017©Institutul de Informatică Teoretică al Academiei Române – Filiala Iaşi
Metode de prelucrare a semnalelor medicale bazate pe achiziţia comprimată. Aplicaţii şi impementarea acestora
2017©Institutul de Informatică Teoretică al Academiei Române – Filiala Iaşi
Prezentare video:
Dr. Victor Cojocaru este Cercetător Științific Superior la Institutul de Inginerie Electronică și Nanotehnologii al Academie de Știința a Moldovei.
Dr. V. Cojocaru a efectuat mai multe vizite academice la Institutul de Informatică Teoretică al Academiei Române și a publicat mai multe lucrări rezultate din aceste vizite.

News / Anunţuri

14 DEC 2017

CoRoLa Symposium and official launching of the CoRoLa Corpus, Romanian Academy, Bucharest (co-organized by ICS)

01 SEPT 2017

Admitere doctorat 2017 in domeniul Informatica. Inscrierile la colocviul de admitere se vor face in perioada 11 - 22septembrie 2017.

06 JUL 2017

CAIM 2017 - THE 25th CONFERENCE ON APPLIED AND INDUSTRIAL MATHEMATICS, 14-17 September 2017, Iasi, Romania

30 JUN 2017

SPED 2017 - The 9th Conference on Speech Technology and Human-Computer Dialogue, July 6-9, 2017 – BUCHAREST, ROMANIA

05 IUN 2017

ECAI 2017 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 9th Edition Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence, 29 June-01 July 2017, Targoviste, Romania

05 JUN 2017

EHB 2017 - International Conference on E-Health an Bioengineering, 22-24 JUNE, 2017, Sinaia, Romania
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